Aviation Security at KMIII International Airport

KMIII International Airport has an Aviation Security department within airport operations entrusted with the primary mandate of safeguarding civil aviation operations against acts of unlawful interference which can be perpetrated on ground or in flight. The mandate is achieved through the strategic combination of measures, human, and material resources for the safety and security of crew, passengers, public, ground personnel, facilities and property.

The Airport Security System
The airport has a four-tier security system that has a specific but yet collaborative role of ensuring that the airport becomes one of the safest in the region to operate in. The system comprises of the following:

– Aviation security department
– Contract security – for static guards and patrolling
– Airport police – for maintaining law and order
– The army – for strategic patrols, guarding and emergency backups.

Services offered by the department

– Screening of persons, vehicles, cargo and mail
– Escorts provision
– Surveillance and access control systems
– Risk and threat assessment
– Aviation security trainings
– Issuance of access permits

KMIII International Airport Security Regulations
All passengers, crew, staff and vehicles undergo a compulsory security screening process when entering the airport’s sterile areas.

Issuance of permits
The permits office operates Monday – Friday from 0800 to 16:30 and does not operate on weekends and on holidays.

Types of permits issued
Depending on the need for one and the duration of work to be done, the permit office issues the following permits in terms of Part V of the Civil Aviation Authority (Security) Regulations, 2011 read with Part V, VI and VII of the ESWACAA Permits Issuance Procedure, 2015.

Type of permit Duration Cost
Permanent 6 months – 2 years E300
Temporary 2 days – 6 months E150
Visitors 1 day NC
Lost permits N/A E400
Vehicle N/A E150
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