Driving to KMIII International Airport

Eswatini has a good road network and most major routes are tarred, but exercise caution to avoid pedestrians, potholes and wandering livestock found on some of the roads leading to the airport.

KMIII International Airport is along the MR3. Driving from Mbabane/Ezulwini corridor, on entering Manzini, off-ramp to the By-Pass road to avoid city centre delays. Passengers encouraged to make an allowance of at least an hour before the start of the check-in. Check-in is 2 hours before each flight.

There is on-going road construction from Manzini to Mbadlane road leading to the airport. On a busy day, it may take about 2 hours to get to the airport. Exercise patience and caution on the road. Plan your trip wisely to avoid unnecessary delays!

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